This package of Uptime Monitoring Service is best suited for well-established business groups that have a lot of site traffic and many customer bases and a lot of websites to manage that wants to maintain and enhance their group of platforms by having a safe, stable and efficient sites as they continue to cater to the needs of their clients and bring their businesses to its maximum potential.

Having this Platinum Uptime Monitoring (Monthly) will help you manage your established business groups most efficiently and effectively. Also, this package will boost you in maintaining and enhancing the status and activity of your websites. This will result in better and more responsive websites that will surely meet and satisfy the needs of your clients and a whole lot more! You will also be able to manage more sites with this package.

Stumbling upon downtime issues and backlogs on your websites are also resolved a whole lot faster with this package that includes uptime monitoring of up to 30 sites every 60 seconds and Email Alerts about your platform’s status. Also, this package includes SMS Alerts and Notifications to keep you updated even more! With this affordable rate, you can have well-functioning websites to grow your businesses further!

This package includes:
• Uptime monitoring of up to 30 sites every 60 seconds
• Email Alerts
• SMS Alerts

$20.00 per Month